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#4 of 10 at Totally Tankered

“Those of you with long memories may remember Final Coil being included on my “Ones To Watch in 2017” list last year. With ‘Persistence Of Memory’, an album that is equal parts atmospheric, melancholy, haunting and blisteringly heavy, they have served to prove me right. Keep a close eye on Final Coil….


#17 of 25 at Ocean’s Ablaze

I’ve played with these guys several times this year and write articles for one of the dudes in the band, meaning that once again this could be attributed to dick-sucking. However, I’d like to debunk that theory.

There’s not much grungy alt-metal about these days; and what there is is clambering for mainstream appraisal and without beating around the bush; bores me. It excites me about as much as finding half a penny in the shoe of a dead hobo outside Mosh on a Tuesday night. Final Coil remember that writing chunky, insightful and progressive tracks filled with interesting progressions, attention to detail and exciting hooks told with a melancholic and misanthropic edge is how this shit should be done nowadays.

I’ve had a lot of trouble finding lighter stuff that I actually really enjoy in recent years. Rishloo springs to mind as one of my more recent (past three years) discoveries that have really taken me places and Final Coil sit comfortably nestled in the same basket.

SOT: ‘In Silent Reproach’, ‘Alienation’, ‘Corruption’.

FFO: Tool, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden


#2 of 10 at Metallum Sub Terra (Paul Belcher)


#5 of 10 at Metallum Sub Terra (Phil Bruce)