Closed to the Light EP Reviews

“It’s difficult to pick out a standout track as they are all so good. This morning I convinced myself it was Closed to the Light, now as I am writing this I think its Goodbye to all that. Final Coil are definitely back and have produced brilliant EP” – Maximum Volume Music

“Leicester alternative/grunge band Final Coil release EP Closed To The Light, full of heroic riffs and anthems in waiting.” – Toxic Online

“…the vocals are very intense and the guitar section makes you think about the legendary Pink Floyd and is definitely one to check out.” – The Independent Voice

“If you find yourself liking the harder stuff, then you’ll find heaviness in the previous EPs. If you find that you prefer the more experimental side, then that’s still available with the previous EPs as well, most notably on Somnambulant. If you’re a returning fan of Final Coil, then you’ll find this EP a welcome addition to your collection.” – SonicAbuse

“It’s worth listening to it numerous times, a EP mixing up all the various styles of the band and bringing them out in the most beautiful form. Progression and heavyness in all of it’s beauty.” – Heavy Metal Underdogs