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Persistence of Memory

Final Coil Interview – Hintf Webzine (Portuguese text – please see Hintf page for English Version) (10/02/2018)

Final Coil Interview – Pete’s Rock News & Views (21/12/2017)

Persistence of Memory by Phil Stiles – Heavy Music Artwork (10/2017)

Interview feature (click here) – Fireworks Magazine Issue #80 (10/2017)

ZT Interrogation – Final Coil Have A Spring In Their Step (05/08/2017) – Zero Tolerance Magazine

Final Coil – An Alt/Rock Band Hailing From The U.K. With Progressive Overtones You Have To Check Out! (14/06/2017)  – Indie Views Webzine

Phil Speaks to Battle Helm Magazine (08/07/2017) – Battle Helm 

Exclusive interview with Phil (06/06/2017) – The Metal Mag

Phil Speaks to Carla Morton of SkullbangerMedia Metalzine (30/05/2017) – YouTube



“I’m proud of everything we’ve done on record one way or another…” An interview with Final Coil – Fit4Talent