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Praise for Persistence of Memory LP

“Persistence of Memory is an unpretentious album, it prefers to engage more than amaze – every song always takes its time before expressing itself, and it does so with calm, never with a hasty decision. The ambient reminders are not few and all work, perfection.” 79/100 – Insane Voices Labirynth (It)

“There’s a label called WormHoleDeath? Surely the album I just got from them can’t please me any more than finding that out. On a par, however, I get a truly stunning debut from a Leicester-based band who sound like they should have been hanging out with Kyuss and Alice in Chains back in the day. Too much awesomeness to mention and only a few minor hiccups along the way, ‘persistence of memory’ captivates not from the beginning, but from the start of second song, ‘dying’, a clean track that’s a bit like Days Of The New minus the incessant, whiny yarling. Gold star from the teacher.” 5/6 – Zero Tolerance Magazine Issue 79

“Final Coil, with their first long distance work, has succeeded in creating a world of rock notes that live in musical sunsets… Progressive and emotional, sophisticated and never over the lines: progressive in the most modern conception of the term, even though they leave other technical pieces of writing for a much more emotional and felt proposal.” 7.8/10 – Metal Eyes IYEZINE (It)

“I think it was the best decision to keep a eye on change and progression. Life is change. Everything is changing. I would’ve been silly to keep it all the same. As for me the band has found a way to maintain the hard riffs but to build  them into the music a intelligent way to give room for atmosphere and darkness.” – Heavy Metal Underdogs

“After making an impact with their earlier EP releases, Final Coil have pulled out all the stops on their full length debut, and created an album that is likely to be troubling the ‘Best Of’ lists come the end of 2017. Equal parts atmospheric, beautifully haunting and mind numbingly heavy, with no weak link to be found, ‘Persistence Of Memory’ is a release that should certainly be added to your “must buy” list.” 9/10 – Totally Tankered

“It’s obvious there’s a ton of potential here, and if the band can tighten up their writing, they could actually be that next big thing we hear so much about but rarely encounter. Warts and all, Final Coil is definitely a band to watch closely in the future. I suggest checking this out.” 3/5 – Angry Metal Guy

“I guess if you take Watching From a Distance-era Patrick Walker and tag in Jerry Cantrell on guitar and have Maynard Keenan helping craft the phrasing and tone, you’d have Final Coil in a nutshell.” – Third Eye Cinema

‘Persistence Of Memory’ is a pretty good debut album… musically it’s even very good. It radiates calm, a lot of rest.” 60/100 – Rockmuzine (Nl)

“This is a disc composed of 11 long tracks where the Grunge of bands like ALICE IN CHAINS, or even the less wild NIRVANA, shakes hands with certain touches of the progressive Metal-Rock of TOOL.” 7/10 – Necromance

“Final Coil have released a highly impressive debut album with a brilliant atmospheric sound which sits comfortably between alternative rock and progressive rock and should appeal to fans of both genres.” 8/10 – Musipedia of Metal

“The harmony between bass and drums supports and opens the spaces for filling and overlapping guitars. Making an analogy with football, it is that team in which defense, midfield and attack are cohesive and work for the collective, without depending on only one player, who stands out from the others (laughs).” 8/10 – Arte Metal (Pt)

“A ride through the crowded city center with Final Coil in the player…the view from the car window becomes a view into another world…” 7/10 – (De)

“I like the album. A lot. It’s a lot more polished and refined than previous offerings, and it shows a lot of band growth over the years, allowing the band to meld together multiple genres into a coherent, crushing album.” – SonicAbuse

“It’s hard to choose a favourite song because this album rocks. Killer sound. A Must Have! 10/10” – Piet de Ruyter (Radio Diabolus)



Praise for Closed to the Light EP

“It’s difficult to pick out a standout track as they are all so good. This morning I convinced myself it was Closed to the Light, now as I am writing this I think its Goodbye to all that. Final Coil are definitely back and have produced brilliant EP” – Maximum Volume Music

“Leicester alternative/grunge band Final Coil release EP Closed To The Light, full of heroic riffs and anthems in waiting.” – Toxic Online

“…the vocals are very intense and the guitar section makes you think about the legendary Pink Floyd and is definitely one to check out.” – The Independent Voice

“If you find yourself liking the harder stuff, then you’ll find heaviness in the previous EPs. If you find that you prefer the more experimental side, then that’s still available with the previous EPs as well, most notably on Somnambulant. If you’re a returning fan of Final Coil, then you’ll find this EP a welcome addition to your collection.” – SonicAbuse

“It’s worth listening to it numerous times, a EP mixing up all the various styles of the band and bringing them out in the most beautiful form. Progression and heavyness in all of it’s beauty.” – Heavy Metal Underdogs



Praise for Somnambulant EP

“…The album is a very melancholic piece of music. It’s very organic and you can hear very well through all the emotions that the musicians might have gone through in the last couple of months… be warned: once heard the tracks won’t leave your ears so fast. ;)” – Heavy Metal Underdogs

“Overall, this is one of my favourite Final Coil releases. They’ve dared to be different and to be experimental and not pigeonhole themselves with this release, and have avoided the trap of making the same album over and over.” – SonicAbuse



Final Coil – An Alt/Rock Band Hailing From The U.K. With Progressive Overtones You Have To Check Out! (14/06/2017)  – Indie Views Webzine

Phil Speaks to Battle Helm Magazine (08/07/2017) – Battle Helm 

Exclusive interview with Phil (06/06/2017) – The Metal Mag

Phil Speaks to Carla Morton of SkullbangerMedia Metalzine (30/05/2017) – YouTube

“I’m proud of everything we’ve done on record one way or another…” An interview with Final Coil – Fit4Talent


Final Coil's Phil Stiles @ Uprising 2016
Photo: Matt Negus


Praise for live performances:



“If there could be such a thing as the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud of metal bands, then it is Final Coil. So, I say.” – Music In Leicester

“They play a unique blend of grunge tinged progressive rock/metal, heavy but melodic. Jola’s powerful bass lines are reminiscent of early Rush, whilst Phil’s anarchic guitar riffs hark back to the buzz of Nirvana…” – StageDive Photography

“A rousing set from the Leicester based band that had all of the Thursday night crowd nodding their heads from the first riff.” – Birmingham Live Bands

“What I heard was taut, stressed, gripping, evocative. Sounds that painted pictures, scenes, imagery, it made you see it in your head.” – Music In Leicester




Final Coil bought a different side to the competition. The remained heavy yet mellow and melodic the four piece were able to entertain the crowd who clearly had a deep seated love for Doom Metal.” Music Trespass

“Yet another band that show the depth and diversity of the local heavy music scene. Final Coil have a more proggy approach to proceedings. Sometimes melodic, sometimes acoustic sounding but still leaving plenty of room for some heavy bits; the band are eclectic and look at ease on the big stage.” Cackblabbath

“The night was completed by Final Coil – a band for which I have considerable respect and admiration. Four excellent musicians playing music of high calibre. They had the audience screaming with delight; big, pounding sounds brought alive by a scintillating stage presence and their two front singers adding a substantial vocal layer to the tunes.” Music In Leicester

Final Coil bring a serenity to the proceedings. A more melodic heaviness to grab your attention. They play a groovy set with aplomb, showing that this sort of grunge inspired progressive rock can quite easily sit alongside the more extreme genres, and I for one would love to see them grace the Jagermeister stage.” – The Midlands Rocks

“…the five local bands Temple of Lies, Blood Oath, Final Coil and the aforementioned Garganjua and Conjurer played like pros and fully justified their place in the Metal2theMasses Final.” – Get Your Rock Out


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