‘Persistence Of Memory’ features on Album of the Year Lists

We’re very proud (and not a little humbled) to announce that Persistence of Memory has made a number of album of the year lists. Over at Oceansablaze, we made number 17 in their top 25 (see the full list here) whilst the wonderful Totally Tankered ranked us 4th in their top 10 (check it out here). Finally, we were stoked when Paul Belcher and Phil Bruce of the brand new Metallum Sub Terra chose to rank us in their end of year lists at number 2 and number 5, respectively. Check out their full lists here

We honestly never thought that our album would receive such a positive response. We have been astonished by the number of great reviews we have received, the time that the reviewers have so obviously spent and the level of detail that they have gone into. This record was a long time in the making, it was a labour of love for the band and for the people who kindly gave their time to help us through the process (Carlo and Naty at WormHoleDeath, Andy of VeryMetalArt, Magnus Lindberg, Wahoomi, Luca & Cristian of Real Sound Studio, Chris and Paul from Imperative to name but few) and the feedback we’ve been getting will only inspire us to greater efforts on our next outing. 

‘Persistence of Memory’, is available NOW on CD and as part of a limited edition bundle direct from our bandcamp page. You can also order from Amazon and the Aural webstore.


The album has been receiving praise from across the board (see our press archive) including stunning write-ups from Zero Tolerance “too much awesomeness to handle” & Powerplay Magazine “a sense of melody, heaviness and light, and shade and dynamics”. For a taster, check out the video clip for the crushing ‘In silent reproach’ below.

Available digitally via iTunes and Spotify and Amazon now!


Check out ‘In Silent Reproach’, the epic new single from ‘Persistence of Memory: